Q&A With Sarah Kate Lynch about Dolci Di Love

Q. How long have you been at work on this book?
A. Over a year, it involved two major rewrites and I was travelling a lot.

Q. So you write when you are travelling?
A. Yes, my first book was written in a series of hotels and motels as I travelled the length of the country with my husband who was working on The Lord of the Rings.

Q. This is your seventh book involving food, or drink. What’s the allure?
A. During my two years of food writing I met so many passionate people involved in the artisan food industry that it piqued my imagination.

Q. How did the idea originate?
A. I knew of someone whose father turned out to have a secret family and the sheer audacity of this captured my attention.

Q. Did the book involve special research?
A. One trip with my husband to Italy where we discovered the town of Montepulciano and a month there on my own to get a feel for the place.


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